Sunday, July 17, 2011

Writing and Cats

Dear Mom,

Trying to write, but I guess the cats missed me since I was gone all day yesterday. Sibling Day—at least that’s what we siblings call it. All four of your kids (Suzanne, Warren, Ruth and myself) get together once a year—just the four of us—and spend the day with one another.

I wrote about it on our ‘sibling blog’ ( also called Delights and Disasters of the Day. We didn’t start documenting it from the first year—what we had christened Sibling Day—when we made plans to do it every year. It started when Suzanne invited us to the ballgame. That was our unofficial, official first Sibling Day. I have it written down somewhere when and where we went every year since. Maybe it’s on the blog.

At any rate, it’s hard to write with cats sitting on your lap!


  1. Sibling Day is a great idea! My brothers and I live far from each other, so I am not sure a single day thing would work...nor every year, as three are retired now, and on fixed incomes.

    Maybe just one big honkin' reunion every five years or so would do it.

  2. Hi Lynn!

    Sibling Day is a wonderful idea! I have three brothers, we all live in GA, and you'd think we could get together once in awhile. On the other hand, that didn't work so well when we were kids! :-)

    (Visited your other blogs and now I'm seriously craving caramel!!!)

  3. Hi Kim - when you're all not in the same area, I would imagine it is harder because sometimes we struggle coming up with a day that works for all of us.
    Cathy - poor baby - three brothers - oh wait, that's the same for you too right Kim? Looks like you ladies will have to do all the planning :-)
    And Cathy, those caramels are out of this world. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Sibling Day, what a great idea! Sounds like you had a wonderful time. And I hear you on the cat thing. Why do they always want to sit on your lap to nudge your hand so you can't type or lay on top of the keyboard?


  5. Hi Pat - those cats are like kids, when they know you're on the phone, they get into stuff or bite my legs. When I'm busy at the computer, they have to lay all over it.

  6. LOL Luna kitty is with me now, chasing the flashing icon on the computer screen.

    Sibling day is an awesome idea! My sis is 8 hours away in Alabama, and my brother is 5 hours away in northern TN, so we don't hook up as often as we'd like. You're lucky!


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