Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Flower of the Week – A White Flower off a Bush

Dear Mom,

Just like my previous letter to you on the Blue Flower, I have no idea what kind of bush this is that produces these white flowers. It was one of the first bushes I planted in the back where it likes complete shade.

Every time I bring in a different flower, the cats jump up and start to eat it. Here they are munching on this one.

And here’s a shot outside.

That tree trunk is a Mimosa tree that popped up from a seedling. Seems like in five years that thing grew from a tiny twig to a full grown tree. The hummingbirds love the flowers on the tree.


  1. Hi Lynn, I have that same bush in my front yard! It was there when we moved in, so I didn't plant it. I always thought it might be some kind of Hydrangea, but they're not as puffy. Hopefully, someone can let you know, and you can let me know! :)
    That's funny that your cats love it!

  2. Hi Lynn,
    Lovely photos and flower. I think it's cool that you cats like to nibble on the flowers. You have your own version of cat nip.

  3. Beautiful flowers. We're so hot here everything in my yard is gasping. I do have silk flowers in a couple spots indoors, and Luna likes to pull those out of the arrangement and carry them around the house. LOL Real flowers she eats, just like yours. What is it with cats?

  4. Yes, when I had cats, some of them liked to chew on anything green as well. One of them also liked to chew on magazine pages. (Apparently some of the glossy pages are coated with animal fat.)

  5. Hi Lynn, I don't know what it is either, but the petals sure look like butterflies to me.

    As I was watering my hanging (sitting) baskets yesterday, I was saying outloud to myself to the flowers I couldn't' remember the names of: "I USED to know what you were called, when I lived in the valley." Talk about out of sight, out of mind regarding plant ID, though I still do know what petunias and pansies are, lol. You are so lucky to have a Mimosa tree.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, and I love the photos of the kitties being so happy ... they probably think you bring the flowers in just for them! (I redid this because of spelling errors.)

    Kathy M.


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