Friday, August 12, 2011

And More Postcards

Dear Mom,

Even though I can send postcards on my own time frame through postcrossing, it seems like I’m always behind. What? Doesn’t make sense.

As soon as I receive a postcard, I need to log it on the postcrossing website, which I do. I just have a hard time sharing them with you. You can see the first, second, third, and fourth one I previously posted, if you want.

Maya, who I met through postcrossing sent this one (not through postcrossing – we are sharing postcards outside of the postcrossing site). This is a traditional funeral ceremony of Hindu people in Bali, called Ngaben.

Next Victoria (your granddaughter) sent this from St. Paul, MN where she and her partner recently moved.

This card is a beaut (I’m partial to clouds) and comes all the way from Finland. I recently seen a cloud just like this and was in awe.

A card from Holland and the person wrote I should try a typical Dutch snack: treacle wafer. Anyone know where I can pick up one of those?

A card from Germany, showing Schlüchtern.

The next card that was sent to me is from China and on the back of the card it says: Wuyuan Scenery.

I have found that since I’ve started this, I get random postcards from people that have no idea I do this, like this card from a youth that my husband and I sponsored to go to Camp Wyman, although I think it’s now called Wyman’s Teen Leadership Program.

This exceptional card I received from Victoria. She thought it was beautiful and I have to agree, it is. Love Who You Are. Isn’t that something we should all do?

Now here are the stamps on the back:


St. Paul, MN (I was kind of excited because I thought this stamp was a watermelon, but it's not, but it sort of looks like one!)

Finland (that top stamp reminds me of any one of my friends and me.)




Part of the back of Love Who You Are

Yes, don’t forget, Love Who You Are.


  1. You are getting an amazing collection of cool postcards. There are so many pretty ones you could do a collage and frame them!


  2. What a lovely collection. Thanks for sharing your post cards and the stamps.

  3. Lynn, I LOVE the idea of sending and receiving the post cards. They're all so unique and beautiful...and the stamps are fabulous!

  4. From the looks of the one stamp from Finland, they are a bit more whimsical than we are.

    Lynn--Thanks for sharing.

  5. You guys are always so sweet, thank you!

  6. Such a cool collection, and worthwhile in an educational way, too, not just for beauty and general interest. Do you get a lot of info on the back of the cards about the photo?

  7. gosh Lynn, they are lovely. I'm crazy about the stamps! plus I'm thinking I should get back to Postcrossing!


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