Thursday, June 23, 2011

Take a Look at these Postcards

Dear Mom,

I'm having a hard time keeping up with stuff. It sure seems crazy.

I joined Postcrossing via my blogger friend Grace at Liberal Sprinkles where I first discovered such a thing. I've only sent out 8 postcards and you'd think that wouldn't be so challenging, but it is for some reason. I'm allowed to send 5 more, but I'm trying to catch up posting my cards on my blog. You can read about the first postcards I blogged about if you missed it.

So here they are... my friend Grace from Singapore and my friend Maya from Indonesia have sent additional postcards, not through Postcrossing, but just for fun. I'm grouping them by the country, not in the order I've received them.

We'll start off with Singapore. I'm getting the information from the back of the postcard.

This is a postcard from the Singapore Art Museum (an illustration of Walter at SAM by Dawn Ng).

The following postcards are from a series: ART POWER - to benefit the Substation. This one is by Siak Fahn-ein (Feeding the Ever Starving Anticipation, 1994, watercolour on paper).

This one is by Susie Wong (Bali Store, 1992, oil on canvas).

This one is by Tiong Tian Tong (Ann Siang Hill, 1996, watercolour on paper).

This one is by Ming Wong (The Green Singer, 1995, monotype).

And the last one from Singapore is homemade and is my favorite since it's made by Grace. The photo doesn't do it justice.

Here are the cool stamps that were on the various envelopes.

And here are postcards from Indonesia. Maya blogs about her postcards, so you can check it out at Postcards, Stamps, Covers, FDCs and Anything Related to Postal Stationery.

After each postcard, the stamps will follow. This is of the Borobudur Temple situated in Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia.

This is of Mt. Bromo in East Java, Indonesia.

And the following are from other Postcrossing members:

From Canterbury in the United Kingdom.

From Taipei in Taiwan.

From Saxon, capital Dresden, East of Germany. (I hope I have that right.)

This one is from Europe - Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

This one is from the Netherlands also, but I’m not sure of the exact location. If they don’t put it on the postcard, I’m totally clueless. Never was any good at geography. The map on the Postcrossing site gives you an idea, but not exactly.

And the final one from Russia (St. Petersberg), showing Hermitage (a museum).

Now I guess I better get some more Postcrossing addresses and send out some more postcards. Thanks everyone for taking the time to send the postcards and a special thanks to Grace and Maya for all the extras!


  1. The postcards are wonderful, and some of the stamps are works of art in themselves.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lynne, this is awesome! I haven't heard of this, but it looks fun. I guess it's kind of like something I just started for myself. Sending hand written notes to friends! How fun to receive an actual letter or note in the old mailbox!! And WOW, the other countries sure make our U.S. stamps look plain and/or ugly!

  3. hey Lynn, good thing you posted on the blog, I'd forgotten what I sent you! heheh. I'm on a Postcrossing hiatus as well, it took me forever to catch up on posting on the postcard blog. Think I should go back now after seeing the lovely cards you got. I love those cards from Holland and hey, I saw that view of the Canterbury Cathedral quite often for three years - I went to university in the town!
    Have a great weekend!


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