Thursday, June 16, 2011

Awarded Again

My friend Linda O’Connell, Write from the Heart and who I call The Chicken Soup Queen awarded me with the Versatile Blogger Award. I’ve received this award before and shared music related things—an idea I stole from Becky. I made up my own theme this time in order to participate again. It’s hard trying to rattle off seven things about yourself.

I’m calling this theme: Body Parts

1) I went to an image consultant to learn about my colors and what kind of clothing is right for me after a complete melt down trying to find something to wear in my closet. Fashion Queen I am not. Still no Fashion Queen at least I know what colors to avoid and what styles to steer clear. The consultant asked me a question phrased in a certain way as if it were vital for my image and it was something like, “Did you ever have any plastic surgery?”
I wasn’t sure how to take it—if she was thinking I had or thinking I should.
“Really? Nothing? No implants?”
“No, really. Nothing fake on this ole body.” Now I was guessing she wondered if my girls were real. If I wasn’t so shy, I probably would’ve pulled her aside, whipped off my shirt, and unhooked my bra. When those girls drooped, she would’ve rest assured those things were the real deal.
No botox, no liposuction, no drugs. All natch-er-el.
Okay, the only thing “false” on me is my hair color and a few capped teeth. The color of my hair is as close to what would be my natural hair color, if the gray hadn’t butted in. How rude. I’m not ready to be gray.

2) Never was a fan of my nose. When I was little, I’d take my mother’s hand mirror and stand in front of her full length mirror which hung on the closet door and view my profile, wishing for my nose to be different. I did this regularly. Maybe I hoped God would realize the importance and miraculously smooth out that bump. Guess it’s not important. No miracle. Still have bump.

3) When I was little, I stood at the bathroom door watching my mother put on lipstick. I told her I didn’t like my lips because they were too red. And I didn’t like my eyebrows because they were black and didn’t match my hair. She told me to be grateful because as I got older, I would love those features. She was right.

4) As I grew older, a unibrow formed over my eyes. When I discovered tweezers, I plucked away until I had two separate skinny lines for eyebrows. I also discovered a mole hid underneath all that hair. As a teen, seeing that mole bummed me out a bit, but it was better than a bush sitting above my eyes.

5) I don’t know about you, but when you’re complimented on certain parts of your body, you tend to believe it. People have said I have nice legs. I don’t really understand it. Legs are legs. But if anyone asks, “What are you most happy about with your body?” I’ll say my legs.

6) Someone at some time must have told me I had big upper arms. That’s the other thing, I believe untruths as well, only I don’t really consider it an untruth because after all, I do have big upper arms. It takes a lot for me to wear anything sleeveless. When I do, I’m so uncomfortable I feel like everyone is staring at my big upper arms. Writing this makes it seem ridiculous. Probably because it is.

7) My right tooth that sits next to my two front teeth was turned almost sideways… for nearly 50 years. My husband who’s into straight pearly whites would suggest now and then for me to have that tooth fixed. Why? Who cares? It’s been this way all my life. It’s part of me. (I have, sort of, come to terms with most of my imperfections.) I had a dentist appointment. Seems that crooked little tooth had a cavity but was also a problem child because of its crookedness. The dentist suggested for just another x amount of bucks, he could cap it, make it look nice and straight, saving not only money in the long run, but avoid any future issues with the tooth. Inside I was whining. But it’s me. My crooked little tooth. I felt like I was giving up my first born. Even though I knew the answer, I called my husband to see if he’d be okay with spending the money. Of course there was no hesitation. I could hear the excitement in his voice. He’d been wanting this. I had my crooked little tooth fixed only to avoid future issues because the dentist is one of my least favorite places to visit.

I’m going to pass this award on to the last 7 followers to my blog—and if they want to participate, all well and good. And if not, all well and good. You can use a theme like I did, or you can give 7 facts about yourself and pass it on to 7 others.

The Old Geezer
Liberal Sprinkles
Arkansas Patti
September Mom
Tony Benson



  1. I loved learning more tidbits about you, Lynn. Congrats!

  2. Your comments are so refreshing and real! Hugs to someone who did many of the same things.

  3. This was great! You're such a riot. I know how you feel about your crooked tooth. My teeth have never been straight, but I had one in particular that stuck out a certain was a twin of my Dad's. When I was told last December that it would be in the best interest of my oral health to get braces the only thing that I wished wouldn't change was that one tooth. I don't have my Daddy anymore, but I still had that twin tooth. *sigh* No more. The braces have straightened it out already. (When I was little my sister once tried to tell me I was adopted and I told her, "No I'm not. I know I'm not. 'Cause I've got the tooth." It was part of my identity for a long time.

  4. Thank you for passing the award this way. I am quite flattered.
    You totally cracked me up and I could only nod at your seven when I wasn't laughing. Surely we were separated at birth--years apart. I could almost copy yours word for word.
    Arkansas Patti

  5. What wonderful things to learn about you, Lynne! And I love the way you wrote sweet, personal, and funny...all in one! Oh, and thanks for the mention! :)

  6. I think your nose and upper arms are beautiful, Aunt Lynn. :)


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