Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Another Joplin Fundraiser

Dear Mom,

Your grandson (my nephew) Jason is a DJ. He goes by the name Deejay Jay, but I'll always call him Jason.

Jason, aka Deejay Jay organized this event—a fundraiser for the people of Joplin. Hosted by the living legend Bobby Plager (Bobby’s Place). For any of my non-sports fans, Bobby is a famous hockey player. All proceeds will go to Joplin tornado recovery.

I received the information from your other daughter, Suzanne (Jason’s mom).

Here’s the scoop:

Bobby’s Place
108 Meramec Valley Plaza
(near I-44 and Highway 141)
Valley Park, MO 63088

Saturday, June 25
11:00 AM

Food, Music, Car Wash, Tank Dunk

Everyone working the fundraiser is a volunteer!

Come join the fun and help out Joplin!

I'm just amazed at all the people who are stepping up to the plate in order to help out others in times of need. Every time I turn around, I hear about an event or how an individual has done something special. It truly warms my heart.


Oh, and I sent off my submission for the Storm Country Anthology. Click on the link and read more details about submitting your story—you have until July 15th!

Also, let's not forget about our friends in Japan. See fellow blogger Liberal Sprinkles for details about ordering the book, Quakebook 2:46: Aftershocks: Stories from the Japan Earthquake.


  1. Good for you and your family for helping. And good luck with the storm book!

  2. The pictures of Joplin still give me chills, and the accounts I've read are horrifying. I'm glad efforts continue for relief. Good luck with your submission.

  3. Hey Lynn, thanks for the mention. You can read about the charity book for Japan at this post Quakebook paperback version now on sale

    All the best with the book for Joplin and the stuff you're doing to help.

  4. Hi Lynn,

    That is so awesome of Jason to pull this fund-raising event all together.

    I am looking forward to reading the anthology book ... especially the story that you wrote.

    Thanks for stopping by and cheering me on. I need it; I have a horrible cold, and Cary has elbow surgery today at 11:00.

    God bless,

    Kathy M.


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