Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Next Batch of Postcards

Dear Mom,

It’s so much fun receiving postcards in the mail. Folks I’d least expect a postcard surprise me, and it makes my day. Postcards that I receive through postcrossing surprises me too as I never know where the postcard will be coming from.

My friend Michelle traveled with her family and one of their stops was Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado. This is Cliff Palace, an ancestral Pueblo culture site.

My niece’s partner Kate sent me this postcard from Les Deux Magots (on the right) in Paris. Apparently a hang out of Hemingway. You gotta love it. Oh and Kate was writing the postcard while at Les Deux Magots.

Grace, who introduced me to postcrossing took a trip to Malaysia and sent these to me.

Grace also sent this cute postcard.

A lot of times when I receive postcards with a message, I like to think of it as a waking dream.

This postcard came from Taiwan. Shei-Pa Leisure Farm is the only place in Taiwan that grows blueberries.

Munich is the most recent postcard I have received. I love the back because of the way she wrote all over it. It’s the most writing I have seen on a postcard yet!

Here are the stamps:
US (Colorado)







  1. Sometimes inspiration comes from the places we least expect. I've experienced your "waking dream" with things as varied as billboards and bumper stickers. Sometimes things just resonate, come from unexpected places at exactly the right time. Serendipity! :)

  2. Hi Lynn,

    How fun! I was just over at Grace's and saw some of the ones she has received too. Thanks for stopping by and reading my blurb ... where did you take that picture anyway?

    Take care,

    Kathy M.

  3. What beautiful works of art. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hey Lynn, I love your post cards!! And by the way, thanks for your e-mail...I promise to reply soon!!

  5. Very cool postcards. I especially love the one with the Hemingway connection. And by the way, congrats on your acceptance for the Storm Country Anthology. Well done!



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