Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Home Remodeling

Dear Mom,

Hubby and I have been redoing the upstairs where all the kids had their rooms. Empty nesters now. Whooo-hooo! I suggested we make the upstairs a "creative space" still keeping the rooms as bedrooms, but making use of the area. A writing room for me, an art room for hubby. Another room themed as music, and the loft will be a library.

It became apparent while doing this that hubby and I have different ideas. I got a little cranky. Oh, I've been known to get a little crabby from time to time, but hubby says I never get on his nerves. I got on that man's last nerve with this adventure (and we've only just begun). I was downright annoyed because I really wanted MY way. I usually don't care. Hubby is clearly the decorator. I have no sense, no fashion, no vision, no artistic style when it comes to decorating. Seriously. Hubby missed his calling because he definitely does. Hubby equals museum style. Me equals helter skelter.

But I did have something in my head when it came to these creative spaces. It's hard for me to verbalize what's up in that brain of mine, especially when it comes to "decorating."

Hubby did say, "I'll give you this... you do have an imagination." As a writer, I took that as a huge compliment even though I'm thinking that's not how he intended it.

After we got through kids, both mine and his, I figured we could make it through anything. I think now I better add: Home Remodeling.


  1. Just don't wallpaper with him--that one's a real marriage-killer. You do have a wonderful imagination. Hope you get that writing room!

  2. Hi Lynn,
    I love your ideas. I'm not good at decorating either. You are a creative person, so I bet your decorating project will look wonderful. Love the idea of a writing room, an art room, and a library.
    And ditto to what Tammy wrote about wallpapering with your husband. Mine and I will never do that again.

  3. Oh Lynn, been there and done that! Hubby here can do most anything but we just approach things differently. I like to clean as I go, make as little mess as possible, and have a plan. Hubby tends to knock out walls, make a heck of mess, worry about it all later. As a result, the whole house is in chaos while he "creates". We are facing a bedroom overhaul due to wall repair coming up. I might need to rent one of your upstairs rooms then! You will enjoy these rooms once done, but it does sound like you have a huge undertaking at hand...maybe a small target of one floor or one room at a time would help calm you. Good luck!

  4. Okay, your kids are all gone, so you have room to adopt someone. How about adopting a 53-year old woman? The two of you could get cranky together!

    (You never get on your husband's nerves? Either you are a saint or he is.) And I agree with Donna.I am sure the remodeling with look spectacular, with yours and your husband's input.

    A writing room...an art room...Color me green.

  5. Haha, helter skelter. You exaggerate. I want to see pictures of your writing room now, and the hardwood floors.

  6. I swear we must have been separated at birth! Helter Skelter describes me to a T. I have incredibly bad taste though. Everything looks wonderful in my head but . . . And my husband is Tim the Toolman. He always comes in bloody from his projects. I wonder if I'm the only woman who PRAYS when her hubby is mowing the lawn. LOL He's a people person, a negotiator and a mediator. That's his gift. I'm a fighter!

    Show us pictures of your rooms--and that husband! :)

    Loved your letter and can't wait to answer it!

  7. Hubby and I are both bossy project managers, and his way is not my way. I am sure those rooms will be featured in Beautiful Homes and Gardens Magazine.

  8. Tammy, I'm pretty sure hubby and I wallpapered before... however my memory isn't what it used to be.
    Donna, I'm looking forward to it being completed.
    Bookie, we are taking it a step at a time, although it feels like the entire house is torn apart.
    Sioux, sorry, no more peeps can live with us. You can visit on a SHORT term basis though... two weeks tops :-)
    Jessica, I'll get some pictures to you soon.
    Jess, like I told my daughter, I'll get some pictures up soon. You're too funny.
    Linda, thanks for the compliment but I'm not sure about BH&G!

  9. Oh, Lynn, I had to laugh. I'm sure that you guys will get a compromise worked out; what you are doing is a great idea! Maybe you can at least get your writing room just the way that you want it to be? Hope so.

    Kathy M.

  10. Household projects are a true test of relationships. Hope you can come to beautiful harmony soon!

    Critter Alley


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