Monday, December 10, 2012

Ho Ho Ho on the Go Go Go and Mistletoe!

Dear Mom,

Last Friday I told you about the packed day I was going to have on Saturday. Thought you might like to see a few shots from that non-stop, action-filled whirlwind.

The craft fair -

My daughter, Rita and my sister, Ruth

Book signing one at All on the Same Page Book Store in Creve Coeur -

Left to Right: Nina Miller, Patt Pickett, Tammy Goodsell, Theresa Sanders

Book signing two at Main Street Books in St. Charles -

Linda O'Connell, Lynn Cahoon, Cathi LaMarche, Pat Wahler

Book signing three at The Book House on Manchester -

Donna Volkenannt, Sioux Roslawski, Beth Wood

I must add that I had a blast at each one. I'm so proud and grateful for all my friends. After the last book signing, I went home, showered and then hubby and I went to a Christmas party. No pictures for that.

Oh and what about Mistletoe? I'll get back with you tomorrow for all those details.


  1. A fun day for sure...I loved the picture of store in Manchester...those solid WALLS of books took my breath away!!!!

  2. Bookie should know that each room in the house--all three floors--were like that.

    It was fun, but I'm really looking forward to a week from today. I'm dusting off my disco shoes...

  3. A busy but fun day. It was great to see you!

    Critter Alley

  4. I forgot to say--I love Rita and Ruth's aprons. They are really cute. (I'm assuming that's what they are.)

  5. It was great to see you on Saturday. I'm looking forward to your reading next week.

  6. That looks like such a great day! Glad you shared the photos so I could imagine you on it :)


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