Monday, May 5, 2014

Listen To Your Mother

Have you ordered your ticket to Listen To Your Mother? Even if you didn’t know anyone performing, I think you’d still enjoy the show. My friend, Sioux will be performing. There’s two shows, one in the AM and one in the afternoon – check out the site and if there are any seats left, buy your ticket. I’m going to the morning show and maybe I’ll see you there!

Shake a leg, Sioux!

food for thought: Could you get on stage and read your story?


  1. Lynn--Thanks for giving it a shout-out. And don't forget to do some shopping in the tractor trailer parked in the parking lot. We got some bargains last year--I'm hoping for the same this year.

  2. Hi Lynn,
    Wish I could make it and see Sioux, but I have a prior event that day. I'll be cheering from the sidelines. And I met Ellie Grossman last Saturday; her enthusiasm is catching. She encouraged the writers there to try out next year.
    In answer to your question: I am not comfortable reading my stories in front of others. Wish I were brave like Sioux.

  3. My stepdaughter and I will be at the morning show, too. Hope to see you there!


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