Sunday, June 1, 2014


This is the 30th word I’ve been using since I opened the old thesaurus.

It be interesting to see what it’d be like if compensation were given to stay-home Moms.

food for thought: There are some jobs that don’t require payment because the sheer joy of doing it is enough.


  1. Lynn--Even though it's a stylized version, your sketch of the dollar bill is great.

    Yes, things we do in love or things we do for people we love---well, just the chance to do them is "gravy" enough...

  2. only those who do those jobs understand

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  4. I'm enjoying your blog my friend. It's fun to catch up a bit with you. When I think of you....I think of the fun of the letters we've sent back and forth. I need to get my cards out and write. I'm wishing you the very best June! Sweet hugs, your friend, Diane


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