Tuesday, June 17, 2014


 I am a mixture of all my past lives and I want to learn from them all.

food for thought: “There is also a mixture of good and evil wisely distributed by God.”—Atterbury


  1. Lynn--Some of your "sketches" could be framed and would look marvelous. This is one of them. Seriously. I'm not bs-ing you.

    Yes, we're a mixture of our past phases, our past lives, our past experiences. It's interesting to think that what is causing trouble for us today will shape us tomorrow...

  2. Ditto what Sioux said. I love your use of the word mixture. You could have gone for something obvious, but instead you chose a more thoughtful context. Your choice tells me something about you, and I appreciate that. You're a keeper. :)

  3. Hi Lynn! I love your new blog design, or layout, or whatever the correct word is! It's so YOU...artistic and cute! And you say so much in such few words....THAT'S a great writer! And yes....we're all definitely a mixture of who we were, who we are now, and even a little of who we will become...because we're already thinking about, learning, striving for....who we will be next! Great post!

  4. Yes we are definitely a mixture of what's in our past. And hopefully what we've learned helps us make good choices in our present.

    Critter Alley


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