Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Sioux’s Book Blurb Friday #10

Okay, didn't think I was going to play this week as I've been watching a 9 part episode on "Truth About Cancer." It's been quite an eye opener. Did you know that cancer is not a death sentence and that there are natural means to heal and prevent cancer?

And now for Sioux’s Book Blurb Friday #10. Check out Sioux’s blog for all the nitty gritty details.

(My daughter informed me that I needed to be a bit more creative with the character's names. Easy for her to say. I decided I'd start using the names of my relatives. Brilliant, I say.)

You basically write 150 word book blurb based on the picture for that week:

My 82 word blurb:

When asked to be a part for a statue, Alicia and Mart readily agreed thinking they were posing for the town square. Famous at last. They had no idea a liquid would be poured over them, capturing forever their position. The weird thing was that they could communicate with one another—not with their voice, but by mental telepathy. Oh the conversations that took place. Find out the story behind the scenes and what transpired in hilarious tale of egos run amuck.


  1. Glad you played and gave us a creative interp of the picture! Names...are fine! I'm far behind so will work on #11!!!

  2. Well, they are PART of a statue. I guess they'll learn to be more literal, now that they have eternity to contemplate what transpired.

  3. Lynn--I can just picture the liquid being poured on them--imprisoning them forever.

    Clever, as usual. (And don't listen to your kids. Name your characters whatever you want.)

  4. Haha! This is awesome. I love it. And I agree with Sioux. Don't listen to the kids. I kind of miss your usual go-to: Obermoeller. :)

  5. Oh, this was so much fun! Love the blurb :)


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