Saturday, April 28, 2018

Day 101-107

Day 101 – Starting off in the 100s, no letters.

Day 102 – This day I received a package and in it was a beautiful Peacock Ore rock from my youngest. Thank you.

Day 103 – This day was Monday and I was a bit off, not feeling real jolly, so seeing two letters from two special people in my life lifted the ole spirits.

Day 104 – And when one needs help with anything they are dealing with and they ask for Spirit to step in, well, I’m here to tell you, it happens. This letter opened my heart so wide, I didn’t think I’d ever quit sobbing. Also marked as number 7 on the back of the envelope. Hhmmmm….

Day 105 – Empty post office box today, but I did get to have a conversation with the postal lady… I just love her.

Day 106 – Can you believe it – four pieces of mail, one being a package. Woot Woot!

Day 107 – No letters – this will give me some time to catch up.

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