Monday, April 9, 2018

Day 91-96

Day 91 – Five letters! Can you believe it? Well, yes, since I had skipped going three days from being out of town. But what a nice welcome back!

Day 92 – I was out shopping for my daughter’s birthday and didn’t make it to the post office on time. But had fun shopping – even though I’m not a shopper! Just ask those who know me, they’ll tell you.

Day 93 – I received a letter from that special pen-pal of mine!

Day 94 – There were no letters in the post office box today, but that’s okay. Gives me time to catch up on writing back the letters I’ve received.

Day 95 – One letter!! Whoo-hoo!
Day 96 – Zero letters…

And I received these from hubby, aren’t they beautiful?

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