Friday, June 4, 2010


Dear Mom,

Your daughter Suzanne sent over the picture of the bunnies that I mentioned in my Sly Fox letter to you. It’s not the picture I thought and didn’t even know this one existed.

I was always a little jealous of Ruthie and how she handled animals so well. I thought something was wrong with me. But as you can see, I tried, hoping something would rub off on me. Ruthie’s all smiles and I’m like, what’s the big deal.

Ruthie was more the animal lover back in those days (still is) and more dutiful at taking care of them. I’ve never had a pet of my own. It seems I’ve taken care of pets after they were left behind, like our Smeagol. If someone I was involved with had a pet, then I grew to love and care for it, but never my own pet. Seems kind of weird now that I think about it.

I think you rubbed off on me as far as pets were concerned. I remember you not liking cats at all because you said one tried to smother you when you were a little girl. The cat curled up around your neck and face. I was really afraid of cats after that. Our neighbor and cousin, Jeannie always had kittens and although they were adorable, I always envisioned one of them smothering me so I kept my distance.


  1. the picture is too small! it should link to a full size! fix it!

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  3. I've tried, but it's too "pixly" - it was sent to me small. Sorry.

  4. Hi Lynn. This is so bittersweet. Again, it shows that what our parents say when we're young really leaves a huge impact on us. I grew up hearing that chiropractors were a bunch of "quacks", so I was afraid to go to one for years!! Glad I finally listened to my inner self!


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