Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sad Ducks

Dear Mom,

When I told you about the Sly Fox eating the duck eggs, well mom and dad were back yesterday. I felt sorry for them as I know they were wondering what in the world happened to their unborn children. Another male duck stood off to the side. I couldn’t figure out what he was doing as he observed mom and dad swimming around. Was he Grandpa? Or was the female an adulteress and this was the other man. Neither man would have to be responsible now that Sly Fox ate their children.

Mom, now they have Internet to look up anything that you question. I’m too lazy and like my imagination to figure out or make up what might be happening in the duck world. I am curious about the onlooker mallard. What was his purpose? Maybe he was some kind of scientist in the duck world trying to figure out what could have gotten the eggs since it was on an island. Do they know what a fox is and what the fox is capable of doing? Do they just shrug it off as part of nature or do they mourn for their unborn? Surely they feel something, don’t you think?

Here's mom and pop duck:
Here's the onlooker:


  1. Awww, I feel bad for the "parents", too. And that is really interesting about the onlooker. I think animals "feel" something when they lose their young, born or unborn....not sure exactly what or how they feel, but I do believe they "feel".

  2. Poor duckies. I'm sure they were very confused and sad in whatever way ducks feel sadness. Stressed, too, I would guess, since nature intends them to nurture those eggs and eventual ducklings. Not sure about the onlooker. Perhaps he is just a sympathetic observer.


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