Monday, June 7, 2010

Snoopy Book

Dear Mom,

After getting the Snoopy coffee mug (see previous letter Keep Calm) I remembered an old Snoopy book I bought to help inspire me with my writing. If Snoopy can write a book, then why can’t I? I really bought it just for fun. I know writing takes discipline—or at least that’s what I think it boils down to. Doesn’t everything?

Mom, yesterday I kind of had a scare—of course my imagination went a bit wild and I thought I was having a heart attack. I said to my husband, “I could be dying and I can’t even think of anything profound to tell you before I go. How pathetic.” I guess in some unconscious way as the pain was piercing my chest, I knew I would live. As I relaxed, I wondered about you and what it must have been like for you and was anyone there with you.

And so it’s made me think of all the things I’d like to get accomplished before I move on to another life—mainly writing and publishing at least one book. I have three in the works and ideas for at least another three. Nothing like a little pain to waken up the desire and inspiration to get disciplined and WRITE! Oh yeah, and getting to the doctor.

But I’m going to be like Snoopy in this picture. I liked the effect of the shadow from the lens of the camera—makes it more like a Dark and Stormy Night.


  1. A scare like that would sure motivate me. I do hope you have already made an appointment with the doctor; getting a clean bill of health will to motivate, too!

  2. Lynn, I had the same thing happen yesterday after I ate lunch at Arby's. I pulled into our driveway ready to tell my husband I needed to go to the doctor; then I burped! I felt much better. A real scare though even if it was just curly fries. Hope you're okay.

  3. Thanks Lisa and Linda, I'm heading to the doctor shortly, so I'll keep you posted.

  4. Hey Lynn. Gosh, this scared me! The world hasn't seen enough of you yet!!...Or read enough of you, yet! I've had those kinds of "attacks" a time or two, and it really is strange. Please let me know what you find out!


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