Saturday, June 5, 2010

Looking Rather Pitiful

Dear Mom,

Suzanne also had a picture of Ruthie and me in our bi-centennial outfits that you made for the school picnic—the one I talked about in the letter School Picnic when I had the mumps. This was either taken before the picnic after you finished the dresses or after the picnic because I was so disappointed that I didn’t get to wear it the day of the parade. Either way, I think we are looking rather pitiful—like some kind of orphan children. It has nothing do to with your sewing abilities.

I was able to enlarge the photo in the word document that Suzanne sent to me, but I'm not able to enlarge it any other way. For the record, Ruthie is smiling and I'm looking pitiful. Maybe I was sick or getting sick.

Thanks for making the dresses. Sorry I don't seem too excited.

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