Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Informational Highway

I know I miss a lot even with the technology and everything we have at our disposal--the informational highway. People zooming down at record speeds. At times it feels like everything is a blur. My brain puts on the brakes, pulls over on the shoulder. I turn off the engine, hop out and investigate what I caught a glimpse of and most of the time, I'm glad I did (to stop and smell the roses).

Like reading about Sylvia Forbes 2012 Desk Calendar for Writers, Bylines. I hadn't gotten out of the car last year when I heard about this calendar, but I did this year. And I'm here to say, I'm not disappointed.

I'll admit part of the reason was to see and read about a friend, Pat Wahler of Critter Alley who is in the calendar this year.

If you're a writer and you need a tool to help you keep organized, you just might like this as much as I do.


  1. I do need to order a copy of that. I know several of the contributors this year. They are taking submissions for next year already...I think I'll give it a try this year. :)

  2. Hey Lynn, I love the way you said things can become blurred and you need to put on your brakes. After reading that, it occurred to me that the technology we writers have at our fingertips today, we have way too many things to get us sidetracked from our writing. Do you think you would write more if you lived in a world of no TV or internet? I'd HAVE to have a radio and CD player, though!

  3. Sylvia has a wonderful product that would benefit writers of all genres. Have you submitted anything to Bylines?

  4. Hmm... I am intrigued.. Show me this wednesday?!


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