Sunday, January 8, 2012

Teeny Tiny Apple Surprise

Dear Mom,

Over the holidays I was given a surprise and surprised by the visit of the friend who brought the surprise. No expecting anyone, I was in my pajama bottoms and a tshirt, wearing a baseball cap, no make-up, goofy socks and shoes along with an apron because I was baking. Certainly didn't want to mess up that classy outfit.

Ding-dong went the front door bell.

I couldn't see who it was and figured it was some delivery person which is the only people that normally come up to the house unannounced. But as I got close to the door, I gasped. I know one is not supposed to compare, but here is my gorgeous friend and here I am looking like a slug. Wait--slugs might even look better than I did that day.

My friend brought me a gift--a pretty box filled with delicious treats. One item caught my eye because it was the teeniest, tiniest apple I've ever seen. Almost too cute to eat. The picture doesn't do it justice and the apple that I have next to it (to also compare) is a small apple.

Let me just state for the record, the gift was exceptional. But what really made it special was the fact my friend took the time to come and present the gift in person. I was truly touched. Anytime I eat an apple, thoughts of my friend and the special surprise will warm my heart.


  1. You have good friends because YOU are a good friend, Lynn.

    (I'm sure you're not nearly as scary as I am when I'm not expecting any company. The bra's off, the hair is standing on end (and in different directions) and the "outfit" is really mismatched).

  2. Oh, yikes. Parenthesis within parenthesis...Sorry.

  3. I would've loved to have seen you in your outfit. I'm sure you looked adorable!! What a neat friend, indeed, and I agree with Sioux that YOU are a great friend, too! :)

  4. Wow--take off the apron and put holes in the knees of some very ratty jeans, and that sounds shockingly like my "writing outfit." What a coot bee bee apple!

  5. Lynn, your outfit sounds delightful, just like YOU.

  6. The rule is that you don't have to clean or dress up for real friends - they already like you, no matter what.

  7. A munchkin apple! How cute! Now, how many tiny apples would it take to bake an apple pie? Hmmm.

    Critter Alley

  8. that is a little stinker.. and who is this friend?!?!


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