Monday, January 30, 2012

Writing Inspiration and Give Away!

In my previous blog Informational Highway, I talked about a cool calendar notebook called Bylines created by Sylvia Forbes. I’m here to announce that anyone who leaves a comment or signs up to follow me (if you're too shy to comment) will have their names put in a drawing to receive a copy of this awesome writing tool—Bylines! Oh, and I'll keep this open until February 5 and I'll announce the winner on February 6.

I thought I’d share a few more of my favorite writing tools, starting with the one that inspired my creativity some 18 years ago—The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. I’ve recently picked up this book since all three of my kids just finished it. (You don’t have to be a writer to enjoy the benefits of this book.)

Some of my other favorites that get my juices flowing:

Escaping into the Open: The Art of Writing True
by Elizabeth Berg
Old Friend from Far Away by Natalie Goldberg
What It Is by Lynda Barry
Your Book Starts Here by Mary Carroll Moore (This is the one I’m working with now.)

Bylines will help me to keep it all organized, along with inspiration from writers all over. January is almost over, but there are 11 more months to keep track of your goals… 11 more months to be inspired... this year anyway.

And you can start by submitting to Bylines and have a chance of being published in the 2013 calendar. Now that Bylines 2012 is out, Bylines 2013 is currently open for submissions. Deadline is March 1, and complete guidelines are at

Do you have favorite books that inspire you? I’d love to hear about them—and slip your name into the drawing!


  1. Oh, Oh! Pick me, pick me! I already follow you, and you know I'm not shy about commenting. :) Thanks for the Bylines deadline reminder...I've got it on my calendar now.

  2. Hey Lisa, you're the first in the drawing! You know the saying, the early bird gets the worm - or something like that. Since I've never done this before, I guess I could up the chances for folks by saying if they link this blog on their blog, their name can be added again.

  3. Very cool give-away, Lynn! I'm not participating, though, because I already have one. And I wanted to tell you how glad I am that your son told you about the letter-writing challenge, and that I posted it, because it just keeps multiplying! I'm so excited to start writing and mailing those letters...and receiving some! :)
    Have a great week!!

  4. Becky, glad your excited about the Letter Writing Challenge. I'm going to post about it again Feb 1st when it begins. It should be fun.

  5. We are reading some of the same books, Lynn! I love Berg and Goldberg both. I also have read several Cameron books. The last Cameron I read was her The Writing Diet. Have you read this one?

    Toss my name in...I could use a Byline calendar!

  6. I have your name in there Bookie!
    And Jess, thanks for joining - have your name in there too!

  7. I'm interested in the letter writing challenge too. It sounds like a beautiful project. I used to be quite the letter writer. Kinda sad that it's a thing of the past. I'll keep watching for details but my email is
    jessy31writer (at) aol (dot) com if you need it. I found you from someone who posted this give-away on FB. :)

  8. Hi Lynn,
    Thanks for the book suggestions.
    I don't have a Bylines this year and would love to win one.

    dvolkenannt (at)

  9. Okay, I left a comment thanking Jess for stopping by and telling Donna that I'd put her name in the drawing and well, my own blog doesn't even post my comments. What's up with that? Or did I dream it?

  10. I'm thrilled with Bylines. It satisfies my desire to get organized while providing a clever means of doing so!

    Critter Alley

  11. Thanks Pat - and I loved your essay and your photo in Bylines! And yes, it's a great tool!

  12. That would be awesome. I love Charles Frazier and books about the mountains. When I find an author I like, I read everything they've written. I just finished reading most of the books by Mary Kay Andrews and enjoyed them, too! Thank you! ♥

  13. I have you in the drawing Lavender Dreamer! Thank you for your input.

  14. Please put my name in the hopper, Lynn. I'd love to win a copy of the Bylines calendar. (I'm also working on a submission for the next issue, but it sounds like the competition is quite stiff.)

  15. I like the idea of a letter writing challenge. I don't write many personal letters anymore, even though I know firsthand how much I appreciate receiving one.
    As to writing books, your favorites are also mine. One I could add is The Plot Thickens: 8 Ways to Bring Fiction to Life by Noah Lukeman -- excellent book!

  16. Thanks Carole, I shall add your name to the drawing and thanks too for the mention of one of your favorite writing books!

  17. Hi Lynn! I heard about your giveaway through the Springfield Writers' Guild. I actually have never heard of the Bylines Calendar - looks really fascinating! Great letter writing challenge, too. :)

  18. Thanks Niki - you're in the drawing! And if you want, send me your address ( and I'll write you a letter!

  19. I found another website called, for those of us who like our morning pages but hands hurt too much for handwriting.
    He has plenty on the website but the coolest thing is a part "Enter your subconscious". You might want to look into it.

  20. Hi Kim, checked out that site, but I'm still not so sure... didn't sign up for it.
    Janet and Rhiannon, thanks for signing up - I'll include you in my drawing!

  21. Cool giveaway, Lynn, and thanks to you, I'm really enjoying The Artist's Way (Julia Cameron)!


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