Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Day 70-74

Day 70 -  I didn’t have any letters on this day.

Day 71 – Received a lovely package – a belated birthday gift – is this a cool journal or what?  I love it.  Thank you.

Day 72 – Two letters – and as always, such a nice surprise.

Day 73 – No letters on Monday in the PO Box, but I certainly added to their box as I dropped in about eight letters… and only have one more to go and I’m all caught up in writing folks back… not too shabby!

Day 74 – No letters, but that's okay... I've had a busy day!

This is the anniversary of the death of my momma. And the reason I began this blog. You can check out the first post here.  I remember being scared to death to start the blog. I look back and feel silly that I was afraid. Realizing that makes me feel less fearful of new adventures… it’s always a good experience even if it appears to be a bad experience, for me anyway because I’m always learning something. How cool is that? 

Anyway, back to my mom, I always celebrate her anniversary death more than I celebrate her birth – maybe because I feel that as Soul, we live forever… my belief anyway. Or maybe because the memory of her death is so much more vivid than any of her birthdays… as a matter of fact, I can’t recall one of her birthdays, isn’t that weird?

Thanks again for all the lovely letters – it makes the name of this blog that I started eight years ago even more appropriate: Present Letters

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