Thursday, November 3, 2011

NaNoWriMo Day 3

I got a late start today because I went to bed so late last night--after the critique group meeting, I stayed up. Remember the last time I told myself if I was all buzzed with energy, I wasn't going to waste it. I didn't get any additional writing done, but I did catch up on a few other things.

There were several interruptions while doing my NaNo writing this morning, but all in all it was productive with a word count of: 2,786. For those of you out there that think, WOW impressive. I wouldn't be that impressed. After all, I can ramble like no one's business. Besides, I think my Aunt Rose's hat must have some magic ju-ju in it.

Don't be discouraged. Keep at it. Even if it's 50 words a day. That's more than zero, right?

Oh and my pre-order of books, Storm Country came in yesterday. My daughter Rita took my picture. Out of 33 shots, here's 3 that are okay. I'm not photogenic and don't care for pictures of myself, but... well..., it's all for Joplin and my friend Geoffrey!

I've sold 38 of the 50 books that I ordered which makes me unbelievably happy and touched to have such supportive folks helping me with this cause. Remember, all proceeds go to the Joplin School District libraries to restore what they lost in the EF5 tornado. And the books are only $10. Thank you everyone! Don't forget about the event.

And 39,120 words to go! Woot! Woot!


  1. I sure was right about that angle! The photos are very cute mum!

  2. The last one especially is good.

    Please save one for me, or if you sell out in the next two weeks, I'll buy one from Linda.

    I'm gonna have to get on the NaNo train this evening and take a long ride. Did you read Beth's post about NaNo? It got me thinking...

  3. Bologna you're not photogenic! That's just your inner critic! Look at that stinker up there! So cool!

    And PS. that's typically how professional photography works, they take a bazillion photos and SELECT the few that are the best. So quit thinking that the other 27 photos prove you're not photogenic!

  4. I happen to think you look awesome. Congrats again on your inclusion in the anthology!

    I'm way behind my NaNo count from last year. Too much going on, though I'm trying to squeeze it in. I need to write another 2500 today if I'm going to catch up and trust me, that's not going to happen. Ah well. . .I'll keep at it! One word at a time, right?

  5. Lynn, I especially like Photo #3! But you are cute in all of them! I'm not attempting NaNo, so it's the same with me this year, as any other. I've never done it. My thought is that since I'm not writing a novel, it's kind of hard to write a memoir in 30 days. Gosh, I've been at it already for YEARS! LOL
    Congrats on your entry in the book, too!!

  6. You're all way too kind. I think I like the last one too because of that look that is saying, whoa baby, look at what I did! :-)

  7. The pictures are great. You are your own worst critic!!! Yay you!

  8. You are on a roll, girlfriend! Love the pictures!

  9. You are so beautiful to me ...

    Great job on pre-selling so many, Lynn, and on writing your new book. You are getting so much accomplished.


  10. Thanks Victoria, Tammy and Kathy! You're all so sweet.


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