Friday, November 4, 2011

NaNoWriMo Day 4

Another crazy morning with various interruptions, but I kept at it until I had my minimum goal met (1,950). Word count today: 2,303 bringing my total to 13,183. If I can do math correctly, that leaves 39,120 words to go. I won't be posting or writing the next two days (will be out of town), but I'll see you back here bright and early Monday! Woot! Woot!

Here's what I wish I was doing...

That little stinker has the life.


  1. Wow--you're ahead!!! I am so impressed, especially since I'm just getting farther in the hole. Enjoy your visit out of town!

  2. I'm with Tammy. The hole just keeps getting deeper. Hellllp!

  3. You did really well on this last year, too, didn't you Lynn? Good for you! I don't even attempt it. I know my limitations and I don't need to make myself any crazier! :)
    Love the kitty-kat picture!

  4. Way to keep at it, Miss Lynn. I've taken 1,638 photos and am 19.6% of the way there. I'm sure I'll take 10,000 photos because that's what I said I would do, but I think maybe that number was a little too ambitious. We'll see though, today it was pretty easy to make my goal, although I'm not nuts about the pictures I took. I do feel that my camera work and post processing is improving though.

  5. Excellent progress, Aunt Lynn! I am proud of you!

  6. Tammy - it's okay. Do what you can.
    Becky - yes, I did have success last year, which is why I'm doing it again this year. For some reason it works for me.
    Kate - Good for you with the photos. They've been coming out beautiful, so nice work.
    Victoria - thanks and I'm proud of you too!


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