Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Frogs Singing

Dear Mom,

Yesterday evening we ate outside. The frogs are in mating season and their singing is nearly deafening. I love the sound though. We started looking around the pond and we were amazed at the number of frogs strutting their stuff. What was more amazing - they didn't jump away when I photographed them. These are in the order that I took them, but one of my favorite is the frog showing just his back side.

Can you see the frog in the first picture?

In this picture, notice the ripples of the water. When the frog sings, he vibrates and when he's in the water, the water vibrates too.

I love this shot.

It's hard to see their little heads popping up out of the water.

In the next two shots, I believe they are mating as there are two frogs, one on top of the other.

This little guy I shot from behind and then he turned around for me in the next picture. After that he sang his little heart out, as you'll see in the following picture.

And this fella looked like he had a punk hair do going, but he got a little scared and decided to get behind the rock.

And Mr. Bashful or Mrs. Shy didn't want his/her picture taken so in the last shot, I was in the water barely keeping the camera from getting wet to get a picture of this sweet little thing.

I can't imagine how many frogs are really out there with the kind of noise that is going on... even now in the daylight. Soon we'll have tadpoles--and I mean bazillions of tadpoles. I'll snap some of those pictures when the time comes.


  1. Ahhh, to have nature in your own backyard!

  2. Yes, there was a groundhog eating something in my garden and I tried to sneak out there and get a photo of it, but it dashed off under the screened in porch! We have just about all of it here... deer, raccoons, possum, fox, etc.

  3. Lyny--Considering your love for (and talent with) the camera, you should submit some of your photos to Lisa to use for BBF. (Perhaps you already have sent her some?)

    I enjoyed the different poses of the frogs.

  4. Oh, that ripple picture is too cool! In fact, they all are. I was just talking to some people about the frog sounds. I love them, too. How lucky you are to have them in your backyard!

  5. Very cool! When I was a kid we lived by the Concord River in Billerica, MA. There was an inlet that ran close to the house and I used to try to catch the frogs just to see if I could, then let them go again. They were noisy, too. I wonder if they were mating? I never thought of that.

  6. These are really great pictures, very evocative of spring and all that comes with it. Mating especially makes all the wildlife very active.. Thanks for the pictures. They really seemed to be posing for you.

  7. Hi Sioux, yes I thought about sending Lisa some photos (haven't yet), so thanks for the reminder. And thanks Tammy, Lisa and Kimberly for the kind words (and you too Sioux) and for your thoughts!

  8. See the power of positive thinking within you. God bless you.

  9. Great photos! Beautiful images of spring!


  10. Thanks Positive Thoughts! And Pat, thank you - it got cold again and I don't hear the little stinkers singing right now. Wah.


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