Sunday, March 21, 2010

Award - Fact or Fiction?

To the inimitable Linda O’Connell, I offer a heartfelt "thank you!" for bestowing upon me the above prestigious award.

As I understand it, this great honor is a license to be creative which, as all writers know, is akin to putting a Labrador Retriever in a room full of rawhide and commanding him to "Chew!"

Rules of acceptance require me to list seven wild and wacky little known facts about myself, at least one of which must be true (all may be true if I decide to let you in on my deep, dark secrets). You, buttercup, will have to decide for yourself which, if any, of the facts below are crazy truths or creative fiction:

1. When I was 16, I walked to work. Someone stopped me and told me I was the most beautiful person he had seen, and asked for my phone number.
2. I won a trophy for women’s highest bowling score in a bowling league I was in.
3. I mouthed off to an attorney at my work, but instead of getting fired, I received roses.
4. I preferred reading Stephen King’s, Misery instead of paying attention to husband (number 3) on our honeymoon.
5. I was in an emergency plane landing on the way to Hawaii. We landed perfectly in the ocean, but I passed out once we hit the water because I was sure I’d be eaten by sharks.
6. I didn’t learn how to swim until I was a teenager.
7. I qualified to be a private investigator, but it scared me so I didn't pursue it.

Your turn Kim, Rita and Ruth. Cut and paste the image and instructions to your blog and pass it on.


  1. Lynn, I love number four, can relate. Is number 5 the fib? Number 3 cracked me up and probably happened. You a private eye, I can see you slunking around spying on remind me of ME! This was fun, wasn't it?

  2. I am sure I can tell the world whether or not your "secrets" are true! I won't spoil it for everyone but am feeling really good that we are close enough for me to know what is true about you.

  3. Linda - yes, number 5 is a fib as is number 7, but I think I could have made a good private eye :-). Number 1 sounds like a fib, but I have no doubt the person was high on something. I gave him a wrong phone number and worried every time I walked to work if he'd murder me. Number 3 - I was really immature and had a little too much to drink. I have matured (somewhat) and no longer drink, so...

    Suzanne - thanks, but now I just let the cat out of the bag.


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