Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Power of Words

Dear Mom,

Monday night we had Norm’s son Todd and his three children (the grandchildren), Jack, Lucas and Lily over for their birthdays. Jack turned 12, and Lily & Lucas (twins) turned 8. They wanted meatloaf and mashed potatoes; I added corn to the menu. Lucas wanted to say a prayer before dinner. He started, “Dear God, thank you for all our food and drinks. Thank you for my family. Thank you for the table and chairs. Thank you for clothes and toys and….” He continued on and I wondered whether it was ever going to end. Not that I minded because he sounded so cute, but I didn’t want the food to get cold. I sat there with my eyes closed listening, and then I peeked out of one eye to look at Lucas. His head was down, his hands folded and he looked adorable. "And thank you for mashed potatoes and thank you for the meatloaf.” He paused slightly and I wanted to say, “Whew, finally.” But thank goodness I kept my mouth shut because Lucas then whispered, “Because Grandma’s meatloaf is very, very good.” Look what I would have missed had I opened my mouth. Now how does that not touch your heart?

Here's a picture of the little stinker.


  1. What a sweet story! He's a real cutie, too!

  2. He's a doll, and his compliment was certainly worth the wait!

  3. adorable! Got any leftovers??


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