Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

Dear Mom,

I don’t recall any St. Patty’s Day celebrations, but I’m sure they were done with gusto. Maybe one of the routine trips to Wiedenger’s Tavern happened on St. Patrick’s Day. Ruthie and I would wait patiently for our chocolate soda and beer nuts while you all talked and drank. I’d stare at a picture of Custer’s Last Fight wondering why people fought, scalped heads, and killed each other. It was the most interesting—everything else advertised beer products, although the print was produced by Anheuser Busch.

Mr. Wiedenger worked hard making it look effortless. He served everyone with his pleasant demeanor, even talked to us kids. And I was told he never took a tip.

Did you know when Mr. Wiedenger sold the tavern, I really wanted to buy it and turn it into a coffee house (before they were popular)? Recently divorced and three children age 4 and under made it difficult. Even if I had money, I didn’t know how I would’ve managed running a business and taking care of children. Old time Florissant regulars wouldn’t have been too happy even though it didn’t lack taverns. I would’ve served homemade goodies and thought they’d get over it not being a tavern after they sank their teeth into some cherry pie. It’s still a tavern. It could’ve been a success, but timing is everything.

Hanging on Suzanne’s wall there’s an old photo of you standing at the bar of Weidenger’s with a soldier next to you. No one knows who it is. The stories we could create…


  1. I love your idea of turning an old tavern into a coffee shop. But you're right...the old timers would most likely not have been happy!

  2. Mystery solved. The soldier in the photo next to Mom is Leo Theisman. He was the owner of Florissant Auto Paint and that's where the original hung for decades. The mystery is who took it. Probably Dad since he's not in the picture. Maybe Leo had a thing for Mom, maybe they were drinking buddies since I'm sure Mom was a hoot with a few beers in her, or maybe it's just coincidence. Whatever, there are stories untold.

  3. Okay Ruth where was my brain when this information was talked about. Why did I think no one knew who the soldier was in the photo? Now it's recorded!


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