Monday, March 22, 2010


Dear Mom,

The bug man came today to help with my ant problem. I’ve read that ants represent patience, but I wonder—not enough patience or too much patience? Can you have too much patience? Do I wait too long to get a response from someone I have asked a question? How long is too long? I give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Oh, they’re busy. Oh, they must be having a hard time. Oh they this or oh they that. After awhile I just give up. Should I keep asking? What are you suppose to do?

I’ve been patient with this ant problem. It’s been going on for months now. I’ve tried soap and water and asked them to leave. Then I called the bug man. They told me to wait and see what happens in two weeks, and not to kill them because the bait will do that. In the meantime, they’ve taken over the house. They’ve swarmed the cat food dish. I’ve moved it around and they’ve found it each time. The ants didn’t find it on top of the fireplace, but located the dishwasher. Inside the upper edge, a ton of them scurried around. I couldn’t stand it and annihilated them. They keep coming back and so does the bug man. Guess I have more to learn on patience.


  1. I'm with you. The sight of an ant army swarming over my kitchen counters brings out the killer beast in me!

  2. Yeah, what the heck? I can't believe the Bug Man said to wait 2 WEEKS?! Nope, not me! I love "animals", but I'm not too crazy about bugs of any kind...unless they are outside where they belong!

  3. The only aunts I like are related to me, and I really only like about half of them. I heard that lemon juice or vinegar on the trail works. Good riddance ants.

  4. You guys are funny. Today I don't see any ants - yeah! And I actually love all my aunts, lucky me.


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