Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Dad—Yet Another Anniversary

Dear Mom,

I don’t mean for this blog to be about all the deaths in the family, but it appears most of them happened in March. Coincidence?

Dad was married to you for over 25 years, and then to Clara for over 25 years. I’m on my fourth marriage. I know I could make it with Norm for 25 years if I live long enough, but adding all the marriages together—I’m still only at 16. I take the razzing well, especially from Norm. He seems to have some smart comment when the subject comes up. I believe you two would have liked each other.

Here is one of my favorite pictures of you and Dad, probably before children.

In honor of Edmund Theordore Moellering
July 20, 1912 – March 30, 2002

Here is a picture of the two of you taken at the same time I posted the first picture of you.


  1. I love the old pictures you post. In the first photo, your mom kind of reminds me of Barbara Stanwyck.

  2. Thanks Pat, there is something about old pictures. Hmm, Barbara Stanwyck, that's interesting, but I can see that.

  3. Hi Lynn. I love the old photos, too. You're so fortunate to have them. My family moved around so much for a few years, many seem to have gotten lost. My sister, Marian, though, has pretty many, I'm sure....but she's had them packed away for years and lives in Atlanta! Now, what good is that??!! Next time I'm there, I guess I'm gonna have to get tough and MAKE her give me some!! :)

  4. Your dad managed two successful marriages! That is an accomplishment and hints of his character; he must have been a gentleman who honored commitment. Love the photos.


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