Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wish I Studied More in School

Dear Mom,

It's too bad you weren't around long enough to tell me how important it was to study in school. Or maybe something happened while developing in your womb.

I did a fun little contest on a friend's blog (Becky) and now I'm feeling pretty dumb. I asked Norm if Corpus Christi, Texas is considered south. He said, "If you were any further south you'd be in the ocean." Then I confessed my answers to the contest. He shook his head, probably wondering how I make it through a day. Geography wasn't something I was interested in, therefore didn't pay much attention.

I have no sense of direction. I can barely grasp which way is north, south, east or west. Norm tries to tell me to look at the sun to determine where you are and what direction you need to head. My answer is, “What if it’s cloudy, then how are you suppose to figure it out?” Just tell me right or left. I know that. I walk out of an elevator and I'm confused as to which way I’m suppose to go.

When I give people directions, I tell them to look for the big red mailbox on your right, then go a little ways and you’ll turn left at the next street. Everyone always tells me my directions are perfect. They have no idea I’m challenged, and if I told them to head north, turn at the street and head east, I’d never see them again.


  1. Very funny! You and I are "sort of" kindred souls! I can't figure out N-S-E-W, either, unless the sun it out...and either close to sun up or sun down! LOL Yep...just tell me to turn right or left! :o
    BUT, on the geography issue, I do have a little bit of a grasp on that....U.S. geography, that is! But, hey, that's okay! We all have our talents, and YOU, my dear can whip up food like a famous french chef!! Not many people can do that, myself included! Thanks, Lynn, for the mention of my contest! I hope your blog buddies will stop by and enter!

  2. My father-in-law likes to tell of when he was stationed in Japan after WWII. He said my mother-in-law and the other officers' wives learned their way around very well, except for being in trouble whenever a building was painted another color. They never learned to read the street names and so only knew where they were going from landmarks. If the red farmhouse was painted blue, they might drive in circles for half an hour...

  3. I am directionally challenged too. When I was in high school, the counselor sent me on a job interview and said, "Get off the bus one block East of the mental institution and go through the South office door." Uh-huh! I ended up in a psych ward. Just tell me left or right.
    I cannot tell directions by the sun, but I can tell time by the sun.

  4. I sympathize. My terrible sense of direction is matched only by my inability to read a map. This has led to many unfortunate remarks en route to a distant travel spot.


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