Friday, May 14, 2010

Local Raw Honey

Dear Mom,

The garbage can has more motivation than I do right now. I want to nap and eat raw honey mixed with black walnuts.

Pat and I went on a little day trip yesterday. We stopped at this local farmer’s market although by the time we got there, there wasn’t much going on. One table had black walnuts packaged for sale from Martin Walnut Tree Farm. Sitting in a bucket were the whole nuts, I guess for those who’ve never seen them. Since we have walnut trees it wasn’t new to me but I imagined the work involved. He told us of the yummy treat of black walnuts, honey and cinnamon that the beekeeper shared with him earlier. We took a few steps to the table where rows of raw honey sat from said beekeeper Grant F.C. Gillard.

A friend had just given us a jar of raw honey, so I wasn’t interested. Pat decided to buy some and he asked her what variety.

“Is there a difference?” Neither of us thought there could be.

The beekeeper handed us a tiny plastic spoon and dribbled the first of many varieties to taste. He then dribbled Mid-Summer onto our spoon.

The honey hit my tongue. “Oh my God.” I was transported to a field of spring flowers.

Mr. Beekeeper chatted about the process—too technical for me to explain. All I know it was the most delicious honey I’ve ever had.

Is there a difference? I’ve never had spring flowers explode in my mouth before.


  1. Mmmm...what a description! Sounds wonderful. My knowledge of honey is limited to the plastic bear at the grocery store. Does Mr. Gillard have a website? I'll Google him!

  2. I know that the flavor of honey differs depending on what flower the bees use for nectar. I'd love to do the honey tasting, though. Sounds like a wine tasting, only lots sweeter!


  3. Hi Lisa and Pat - it was quite an experience and I'll never buy store bought honey again.


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