Saturday, May 1, 2010


Dear Mom,

The grandkids were over the other night and wanted to play this game called Sharks and Minnows. Not a game I can join in. When they lived here, it would drive me crazy—mainly because they’d always whine. “That’s not fair!” “You can’t do that!” “You’re cheating!” Eventually someone would get mad, quit and stomp off. I could never figure out why they even liked to play the game. When I hear Sharks and Minnows this tingling thing runs up the back of my spine.

Mom, I wondered if you ever felt that way about us. I know Ruthie and I fought a lot, which I can’t fathom why. Okay, I have my theories. Mine was jealousy as she always got the attention. When we’d fight and she’d get the best of me, I was the one who got in trouble.

I love Ruthie to death and I have no issues with her any longer. It was what it was. I was no angel—she’ll attest to that. I wish I had been more kind to her when we were little, but we did play our own kind of games and probably drove you crazy too! Good ole karma.

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  1. Lynn,
    How I can relate to this post. My brother and I drove our parents crazy fighting over trivial things.


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