Thursday, May 20, 2010

More on the Cleanse

Dear Mom,

I’m on Day 6 of this cleanse and all I can say is that I still don’t have any energy and my headache has lasted almost the entire time I’ve been doing this. I still drool while watching my husband eat Butter Biscuits covered with Dark Chocolate or Lemon Tart. Then again, I drooled watching him eat something healthy—marinated chicken tenderloins and asparagus, both grilled. I ate my soup.

Doesn’t seem like you ever had to watch what you ate, but then I was a kid and never paid any attention to that sort of thing. I wonder if it was hard for you with anything. I don’t remember you ever whining like I seem to do.

But I’m going to stick it out as I’m this far now—only one more day after today. If after Day 7 I’m not sprinting out of bed with my head no longer pounding and if sweets are passed under my nose with me not turning them down, I doubt I’ll do another cleanse. I do hope however to watch my intake of the bad things, but with my addictive personality it’s going to be a tough battle. I did manage to beat booze, drugs and cigarettes, so this should be a piece of cake. Mmmm cake….


  1. Lynn, I'm sorry to hear this! I guess I missed the part about wanting more energy and losing the headache. I thought you were trying a quick weight loss.
    It's weird, because I've talked to other women who've been experiencing kind of the same thing...ME INCLUDED! I've been way more tired than usual....migraine headaches off and on...and no solid answers. I got my blood work results yesterday and they all came back fine. So shoot!! What is it??!! Hope you feel better really soon!

  2. Hi Becky, I do know the quick weight loss only results in gaining it right back and then some. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind losing a few pounds, but I really wanted to feel better - energy wise. I normally don't get headaches, but have had one ever since I started this cleanse. Oh well. When I find something that works, you can bet I'll share it with everyone!

  3. The only weight loss program that has ever worked for me is Weight Watchers and counting points. I have energy issues, too, but the doc found me 1st to have hypothyroidism and then that I am anemic, so I'm on thyroid meds and iron pills. Doesn't help much. Personally, I blame middle-aged hormones for everything!


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