Friday, May 7, 2010

More on My OB-GYN

Dear Mom,

It just goes to show that when you have something that is in your head that you know how it played, doesn’t always mean it comes out that way when you are writing. (Read: My OB-GYN if you haven’t.)

Apparently a blogger friend misunderstood that my OB-GYN wanted to be involved with me, but NO that wasn’t the case. Dr. M was calling for his son, although his son had no idea, hence why I said, “Oh my son would be livid if he knew what his ole dad was up to, but I just thought if you weren’t involved with anyone….” Dr. M was trying to play match-maker with his son and me. I don’t know if Dr. M ever confessed to his son what he did.

Mom, just wanted to set the record straight so that no one thinks Dr. M was some kind of weirdo who wanted to date me. Dr. M was one of the kindest Souls I’ve ever met. He had a bright sunny disposition, took time with his patients, made them feel comfortable, but also didn’t sugar coat anything. If he thought you were gaining too much weight in your pregnancy, he said so. He was compassionate and caring. Sometimes I’d bring my kids with me and he always took time to talk to them. I hated to see him retire.

Knowing that Dr. M’s son could have inherited some of his father’s traits made for the heavy heart.

Dr. M has passed away, yet he’ll always remain in my heart.


  1. Whoops! Sorry, Lynn. Having a suspicious mind is one of my job hazards.


  2. I thought the same thing on the first read. You definitely had to carefully read it to know what was REALLY up. Good thing you made the clarification post.

  3. Pat, you weren't the only one - I had others tell me the same thing. Nothing to be sorry about. I needed to be more clear - clearly! :-)


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