Friday, April 30, 2010

Divine Intervention

Dear Mom,

I took a basic French class with two other ladies and the other day I had them over for a French lunch. I wanted some flowers for the table and decided to go out to the garden and cut a few of my own. I climbed up the one rock to snip off a few purple spiderworts. I stepped down about a foot and a half, hit a damp hosta leaf which caused a free fall that I was not prepared for. In slow motion I watched myself getting ready to go splat on the walkway. I must have bent my knee that caught the brunt of the fall. Flowers still in hand, I got up with a minor scraped knee. The back pain I'd been having completely disappeared. I wondered about this. All I could do was thank God for sparing me from numerous outcomes of that fall. I envisioned my friends knocking on the door. “Do we have the right day?” And I’m out back on the walkway unconscious.

I arranged the flowers but didn’t like how the spidery leaves hit the dishes and glasses. I had watched another friend, a florist, arrange flowers. There’s an art and magic to it. I thought about her tips and went back outside to cut a few ferns to use as filler. I rearranged my flowers. It didn’t come out as good as I hoped but I caught a glimpse of what she was doing by listening to where the flowers go.

Divine intervention. Again.

The culprit (Hosta):

The fall area:

First attempt at flower arranging:

Second attempt:

Nothing like dessert to mend a boo-boo.


  1. How beautiful!

    So glad that not only did you come out of your fall relatively unscathed, but that your back fixed itself in the process.

    What is that dessert? It looks yummy....

  2. French Apple Tart, but I think I like my homemade pie better.

  3. You are such a multi-talented woman, and now you can add acrobat to your list. Your garden is gorgeous and you are a quick learner; your flower arrangement looks nice. That tart, well, looking at it has made me gain three pounds. You are amazing.

  4. no offense but your apple tart skills seem way more impressive than your flower arranging skills. hehe :)

  5. Thanks Linda! Jessica-you're right!


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