Saturday, April 3, 2010

Jessica's 25th Birthday

Dear Mom,

Today your granddaughter is 25. I’m not there to celebrate her birthday in person, but hopefully she’ll see that I’m blogging about her to you.

Jessica (nor the other two, Casey and Rita) never had the pleasure of you as their grandmother—or their paternal grandmother who passed away right before Jessica was born. Jessica was due around St. Patrick’s Day, which, if I’m not mistaken I think was her other grandmother’s birthday. I had planned to name Jessica an Irish name Erin, in honor of her paternal grandmother. For the life of me I don’t know why I didn’t name her after you. I would have called her Vera, not Alvera. I think Jessica wishes I would have named her Vera too. Oh well, it is what it is.

Jessica was born with two dislocated hips. She had to wear this contraption that pulled her legs up in a squatting frog position, and for a solid three months, 24/7. If not, she could have been crippled. I was always grateful for her pediatrician’s catching the dislocation as it can go unnoticed until they start walking. A lady I know knew someone who had that same thing and nothing was done for her. She ended up in an institution because no one wanted to take care of her being crippled. Breaks your heart.

You would love Jessica just as much as I do.

Happy 25th Birthday Jessica!
(Jessica shares a birthday with her half brother, Erik. Happy Birthday Erik and thanks for serving our country in Iraq!)

Here’s Jessica last year after her performance in the Vagina Monologues. She’ll be in the Vagina Monologues again this year – April 10 & 11 at Webster University. Wish you could see her perform.


  1. I have a Jessica, too, who will be 25 in May! Happy birthday!

  2. I love you mama. I couldn't have asked for a better mama than you. Thank you for posting this. It makes me so happy. Wish you were here.

  3. Thanks Pat and Lisa - and thanks Jessica, sorry I was gone.


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