Monday, April 12, 2010


Dear Mom,

Today I was to meet three friends at the mall to walk. No one showed. I debated whether to go in and walk by myself, but I did. I made one round and nearly talked myself out of finishing the other three rounds.

It seems to be longer by myself even though I finished in less time. I like the solitude—it’s good for the Soul. I kept cheering myself on. It wasn’t that difficult when I thought about all the “bad” stuff I ate this past weekend.

Pizza at PI that Jerry & Nancy treated us to, that leftover Wickedly Delicious Chocolate Cake and homemade vanilla ice cream, breakfast at Uncle Bill’s on Sunday morning, my first Gus’s Pretzels from Mike, malt balls all the way from Chicago from Mark & Kristen, chocolate covered pretzels from Linda—sweet stuff from sweet friends.

Sweet pounds.

I walked knowing the exercise wouldn’t equal the calories that passed through my lips. But it was worth it knowing I have some mighty sweet friends.


  1. Weekends always play havoc with any dieting I try to do. And every mall in the nation placed end to end doesn't provide enough exercise to work all those calories off!

  2. I say, eat well during the week, and then have fun on the weekends!! I like to walk outside, much more than the mall, but sometimes the weather won't cooperate! Also, I much rather walk alone, especially outdoors. I do some of my best thinking then, and like you said, good for the soul!!

  3. mouth watered reading about all the goodies! It is hard to pass things up, especially when they fall into the "fave" category. Good for you that you walked all by yourself and didn't use your no-shows as an excuse. I'd say you earned the treats!


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