Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Eyes of Soul

Dear Mom,

I was at a spiritual seminar this past weekend. They presented various workshops on spiritual topics and creative arts workshops focusing on the spiritual aspect. I decided to take a step out of my comfort zone and check out the workshop on photography, Looking through the Eyes of Soul.

While I was away, spring had sprung. When I arrived home, it had just rained and the sun burst through the clouds. The phlox and red buds jumped out so before I unpacked my car, I grabbed my camera and took a look—through the eyes of Soul. It’s interesting by just changing my perspective how objects take on a different kind of light.

Here’s one of the phlox and although there are some better photos, I’m saving them for a bigger project I have in mind.


  1. Hi Lynn - It seems that Mother Nature opted to forgo spring this year and jumped straight from winter to summer. Here in Georgia we're drowning in pollen but, oh my, the world around us is gorgeous! The phlox in my yard is blooming, too; everywhere the Bradford pear trees are blooming, and the cherry trees. So beautiful!

  2. That sounds interesting. Hope you tell us more!

  3. I peeked back at your blog, hoping that you might have written about this seminar as you had shared the details with me. I wish I could have gone, I am just too swamped right now.

    I'm glad to see it touched you, in that deep way that these things should. If you ever feel like sharing more on it, either in blog or letter, I would love to know!


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