Saturday, April 24, 2010

It Takes Me Longer to Learn

Dear Mom,

You’d think I’d learn after hurting myself as many times as I have by overdoing it when I work in the garden. But oh no, I push myself to do just one more thing. I had been pretty good this year, only having worked in two small sections of the yard, with a bazillion to go. Today I was only going to do one little section and plant the annuals I bought yesterday with Ruthie. It’s her fault. ☺ I bought more than I thought I needed so I had to find another place for them that I hadn’t originally intended. That area was so full of weeds, I couldn’t plant without pulling weeds first. One particular weed was especially stubborn and I pulled and pulled. I pulled so much I pulled a muscle in my back. As soon as it happened, I knew. I got it. A fine waking dream of my own stubbornness. Spirit works with me however It can.

Once I’m out in the yard, I don’t want to stop. I love working with nature, digging in the dirt, sweating—must be the farmer’s blood in my own blood. I worked outside for four and half hours. No one will be able to notice exactly what I did, but I took some before and after pictures because sometimes I can't even tell.

But I can tell you—I think—the next time I set out to work, I will stop at my limit. Think. Back. Pain.

Before: After: Overview:


  1. Oh Lynn, I'm so sorry you hurt your back! Ouch! I feel your pain. Take it easy next time! Your before and after pictures are awesome! Do you hire yourself out? Oh, never mind, I don't want you to hurt yourself at MY house!

  2. oh mum, the back pain club is getting jackets should i sign you up?

  3. Oh sure, try to blame me. We both need to join Flowers Anonymous, but being a flower junkie is not all bad--just stop trying to plant them all at once!

  4. theres a back pain club?

    the yard looks beautiful! Should we have ruth to thank? or is she just to blame?


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