Friday, April 2, 2010

Speaking of Pencil Stabbings

Dear Mom,

Remember the time I left toothpicks all over the living room floor because I was digging out the crud in my toenails? Then Warren stepped on one and it jammed through his foot. I got yelled at by both of you. Deservingly of course.

Karma works even when we’re not aware of it.

I wanted Warren to play Cowboys and Indians. Warren had a bb gun and I watched as he made sure there were no bbs in the chamber. He pointed the gun at his palm and pulled the trigger. Nothing. Then he proceeded to point the gun at me and what do you know, a bb came out and hit me right in the eye. Luckily nothing serious but a little red mark. I cried and he apologized.

Warren begged me not to tell, but I ran to you crying, “Warren shot me in the eye!” You chewed him out because even though he checked the gun, he still wasn’t supposed to point the gun at anyone.

Toothpicks and bbs. One wiped out the other. I hope. But then there was the time….


  1. Oh the things that siblings do in the name of fun.

  2. Yes, very true Linda. Rita - you name it.


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