Saturday, April 10, 2010

After the Dinner

Dear Mom,

The dinner went well. I love to cook. I love making new things so I branched out in the bread making with Honey Whole Wheat bread. It was tasty, but not like yours. Wah wah. I want your bread.

Here's a before and after shot.

I don’t remember many desserts created by you. Suzanne said you made homemade chocolate chip cookies with lard and I thought someone else said they weren’t that good. I'm thinking the lard might have been the culprit. Because if I recall Aunt Hildegard said you made your own lard by frying hunks of fat from a pig. Maybe desserts weren’t your thing or my memory is really bad.

Here’s my Wickedly Delicious Chocolate Cake although the first time I made it I thought it was more wicked.

The dinner that you made that stands out in my memory is gizzards and gravy over noodles. When I think of serving that to my kids, I can hear them moaning.

“You want me to eat a what? A gizzard?”

I loved it. I doubt Ruthie ate it. She was the picky eater. I ate everything. Still do.


  1. How can a gal be so lucky to have two super swell sisters, both who are extraordinary cooks and fabulous women? Dinner, Lynn, was always. Your love for cooking and baking results in the most enjoyable experiences!

  2. Hi Lynn - Food memories are so strong. For me, it is my mom's New England boiler dinner, grandma's cinnamon toast, and my memere's cream puffs! I've never asked my kids about their food memories, but it seems a good question.

  3. Thank you Suzanne. Lisa, I probably could write many stories on food memories! And who is "memere" I love that name!

  4. I am jealous of good cooks and bakers! There is a lot of love in that food, one can tell.

  5. crock pot chicken and grilled cheese and tomato sandwhiches


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