Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dad's Drivers License

Dear Mom,

When Suzanne came over the other evening, she had with her some old photos and one of the things she came across was Dad’s old drivers license. It was probably when they first decided to issue drivers license. His picture was stapled to this tattered piece of paper and it was issued on 14 May of 1937. On the back you filled in the blanks and written in calligraphy: color: W, sex: M, age: 24, weight: 152, height: 5-10, color hair: dark, color eyes: gray.

Color hair—dark? What kind of color is that? I guess you had light or dark hair or no hair at all. We were surprised always knowing Dad to be pretty bald, but the picture clearly shows (dark) hair.

Here it is, isn’t it funny? The photo is probably the way you remember him.

Did you have a drivers license? I remember a story that you drove a little until you got stuck on a small hill with a stick shift and then you decided not to drive any more. Guess I can’t blame you as I could never manage a stick shift, but if it was all I had to drive, then I’m thinking I would have figured it out. Guess it wasn’t as important back then.


  1. Oh, Lynn, I just love all these mementos you have! I wish I had lots more than I have. That sure was a funny way of handling drivers' licenses. I guess people were more trusting back then?! You had a handsome dad!

  2. Thanks Becky - I think it looks like a mug shot :-) And could you see the problems we would have if you still had licenses like that?

  3. Yeah...I guess it does kind of look like a mug shot! << you said it first!!

    And, yes, I can't even imagine the turmoil....criminals changing their names....women changing their weight!! :D

  4. Mementos like this are nice to have. After my daddy died I found an old address book (one of the tiny pocket ones) with phone numbers, including my mom's, with a special comment he wrote beside her name (before they started dating). Very cool.

  5. That is so cool. It's the everyday things from the past that are the most interesting.

  6. MOM i love this! I want a copy!!!!


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