Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sibling Tricks

Dear Mom,

I had asked if you had done anything to your siblings—stuff like Dad did to his sister Hilda.

This isn't exactly a trick, it was down right mean. I remember I did something to Ruthie’s doll that she got as a present from her Godfather, Uncle George. I was so upset that she got a doll and I didn’t, that I took it when she wasn’t around and crawled under the table with a pen and a scissors. I cut off all the doll’s hair. I took the pen and marked it up all over its body.

I destroyed that thing.

I feel so bad about it now. I should go buy Ruthie a new doll, not that it would make up for what I did. I don’t think I even got spanked or anything. I’m sure the guilt alone made up for any kind of whipping.

I don’t think I did anything else like that. Ruthie would know and she could tell you.


  1. If I were Ruthie I'd tell you the interest has added up and you now owe me a cruise. :) It sounds like this is something you have felt awful about for a long time...probably more terrible than your Ruthie felt when she realized the doll was demolished. I hope she forgave you long ago, and that you can forgive yourself.

  2. This reminds me of an issue our daughter had with her multitude of Barbie dolls. Our dog loved to chew off an arm or leg on any doll she could grab. The result? An army of handicapped Barbie dolls.


  3. That's funny Lisa - great, now my sister will be wanting a cruise! Sorry Ruthie! We are the best of buds, so I'm sure all has been forgiven on both ends, but I can't believe what a mean thing I did!
    Pat - you can't leave anything around the pets, can you? My cat shreds any paper he can get his paws on! Arrggggh.

  4. Dang mom, you were meaaannnnn. I NEVER remember doing anything like that to Casey or Jessica.... I don't know what kind of karma i am getting for GOD chewing up my shoes!


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