Thursday, April 22, 2010

Coaching Lacrosse

Dear Mom,

Yesterday your granddaughter Jessica and I went to see your other granddaughter Rita coach her (Parkway South) Lacrosse team.

You’d be so proud of Rita. She never played any sports until she got into high school and played Lacrosse. Then it was a club sport, so anyone could play (for a fee). I had my doubts Rita would be able to handle this tough sport, with her asthma and unathletic ability. Rita wasn’t the best in the bunch, but she gave her all. She worked hard, went to all the practices, helped score, went over and above the call of duty. The coach never played her much. Rita would be so frustrated, nearly crying. I was so furious one day I told Rita, “That’s it, I’m writing Coach a letter.” She begged me not to. I didn’t; realizing it was Rita’s business to handle.

After Rita finished high school and the Lacrosse team needed help, Rita stepped in—again giving her all. I think the last two years girl's Lacrosse became a school-sanctioned sport, requiring Rita to apply as a coach, be interviewed through the school district, the entire red tape and voila, she did it.

I love that she’s the Jr. Varsity Coach working side by side with the same Coach that never played her much. Ah sweet success for my baby. Rita loves coaching Lacrosse, loves her girls and is a mighty fine dedicated coach.

Jessica and I sat on the sidelines as they went into overtime and Parkway South triumphed! You go Rita!

Rita's the one not in uniform :-)


  1. How wonderful! Just goes to show that persistence pays off!


  2. god you made me sound so pathetic,.. i kicked ass my 2nd year, least i thought.. but youre right, i wasnt played as much my senior year but i get it now... any who coach informed me that on his frame the girls all signed mine read .. "Coach, I love you as much as my playing time, Snap Dragon" hahaha he always thought it was a compliment until i informed him that it wasnt ahhaha

  3. I am the luckiest aunt in the world...such fabulous nieces and nephews!

  4. Just goes to show that a degree does not make a writer, coach or anything else. It is persistence that creates success. Bravo Rita!

  5. hahaha, thats awesome rita. you did score a bunch when you were put in. i remember you just hated running those laps in practice. But you were the only one who did all there laps even tho you knew other people were skipping laps. You'd be the last one out there, u werent ashamed. you did it rita style, honest and hard working dessssssss.


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