Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Dear Mom,

I remember Dad calling you Pee Wee. That was before the famous Peewee Herman. I was told because you were the smallest of your eight siblings even though you were the oldest. I don’t know if any of your siblings called you Pee Wee. I don’t know of any of them having nicknames.

Now Dad’s siblings, eight of them too and he was the oldest as well, had lots of nicknames. The three I remember are Harold as Boob, Leona as Pete and George as June or Junior, since he was named after Grandpa. Leona cannot stand Pete and now only wants to be called Lee. They had called her Spider too. Lawrence was Corkscrew, Gertrude was Gerts, Herb was Pooter, Alvin was Mousy, George was also Kiki, Hilda was Tanta or Hid, and Dad was Teddy. Dad hated that so much it didn’t stick. I guess being the oldest has its advantages.

Ruthie had a nickname that you put the skids on because she’d have a fit. She still hates it, so I dare not say. Warren was Warnie Corny. Dad called me Innie Marie. I don’t think Suzanne was anything—again the oldest has its advantages. Her husband sometimes calls her SuzieQ.

Before Casey was born, he was nicknamed Bosco. Jessica was called Froggy because of that contraption. Rita was Rita Pita but she changed hers to Ritabook, which is clever. Jessica and Rita call each other di-di (dee-dee).

Norm calls me Lester, but I get him back by calling him Willis.


  1. 1. this post is insane. nicknames are awesome.
    2. you BETTER post aunt ruths nickname in the comments. its unfair to the rest of those who dont like their nicknames...

  2. Funny how some nicknames stick and some don't (despite what the recipient may want).


  3. LOL I thought my family had the corner on nicknames...guess not! When I was really young I was Chickie (my nephews still call me Auntie Chickie); by middle school my sibs started calling me Tank. By high school my parents were calling me Snowflake and my sister dubbed me Missy! My sister, whose name is Peg, also answers to Auntie Honey, George, and Sophie. :) Great post! You really got me smiling.

  4. Casey, Aunt Ruth's nickname was Boofer. Jessica named one of the cats after it after mom spilled the beans. I personally love it and wish I would have called her Aunt Boofer all my life.


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